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The course length is 2 days.
And IT IS LIVE one on one with me!

It is going to be the most amazing 2 days that are going to open new horizons in photography (& video) and your overall presence on social media marketing! With the course coach Nikola, you are certainly going to have a great time, a lot of laughs and gather enormous knowledge! You know showing your art/products/business is one of the most important things in marketing. Be ahead of the competition and make your work pop with the knowledge you are missing!
This is not a regular course!



My name is Nikola Nikolic and I am the owner of NNSpark Production company with over 14 years of experience in the photo/video world. I have worked in many countries with profound names and companies like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Rode Microphones, MTV adria, Buzz, Red Cross, Telenor and much more. I will share my knowledge, best practices and be step by step with you.

End of the course isn’t the end… you can contact me anytime, for any help, advice, or if you maybe forgot something since I will surely follow your progress.

Over the years I have made over 500.000 images, over 200 complete videos produced/directed/shot/edited/post-produced by me which we will talk about in the course as well since video production is also covered in this course!

Each course day is 5 hours long (there is no time limit).

Course usually takes place on the weekends but we can arrange a workday’s if it is more convenient for you.

The course is 1 on 1 with me and it is online over Discord/Zoom/Skype or other platform that you arrange with me
(for 1 on 1 in person more at the end).




Every topic has at least 3 sub topics



As mentioned before, it is NOT a regular course!

This course is covering every step of the photography learning curve in detail tailored for your needs. There is no time limit (course usually takes 5 hours per day due to a lot of new information coming your way) and since it is a live course we can always go back to topics and get more detail on them!

Business owners?

I initially made this course for Permanent Make-up businesses. There are a lot of Instagram profiles in Permanent Make-up that would benefit out of this course since they usually don’t have an in house photographer and that’s how this course happened!

After few successful courses, other branches contacted me (E-Commerce, Fashion designers, Bakeries, Coffee Shops etc.) and I realized my course actually covers everything from basics of photography to expert editing so it can be applied to any business! 

Beginners / Hobbyist?

If you are a total beginner, amateur photographer or just want to get more skill in taking perfect shots and edits of your friends, this is the perfect place for you!
On my course, you will learn everything. Everything from the basics of how cameras work, getting a perfect shot, up to professional editing at the end!

And much more since Social Media Marketing, overall Digital Marketing and Design are a must in this day and age…

Intermediate / Professionals?

There is always more to be learned. This course is interchangeable due to different interests, levels of knowledge and overall individual purpose of taking the course and the fact it is Live 1 on 1 with me.
My goal is to make everyone happy with the knowledge they get out of this. That’s why some people spend more time in framing, some in lighting and some in editing or video. So if you are intermediate trying to upgrade your skills or a professional, I am here for you so we can learn about different styles, histograms, color separations or maybe make a different course schedule where we can talk about a specific topic in depth! 


Spot now

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions. I am not sending automatic spam emails or something similar. You will be directly in contact with me. 
You can also send me a DM on Instagram @nnspark_photography

I am here to help. So contact me for any questions regarding photography or videography no matter how small or big a questions is 🙂

Reserve your




* 5 hour long days

There is no time limit when the course starts. Average time to finish the course for the day is 5 hours but sometimes it can take up to 6 and even 8 hours depending on previous knowledge in photography.

* Weekends

Courses usually take place on the weekends due to the busy schedule of permanent make-up clients but if you prefer that course takes place on a work day, that can be easily arranged.

* 1 on 1 in person

Of course it is possible to have 1 on 1 in person. What makes this course so affordable is the online part. So bear in mind that 1 on 1 in person has a bigger price but also has a greater value since you will have Nikola in person for 48 hours, working side by side with you, finally giving you printed certification in person!

* Time

Usually we arrange the times of the course start together. Some people want to rest a bit more so we start at 1pm (that’s Nikola) and some are early birds wanting to start at 9am.

* Price (1 on 1) – 2 days and a 1 day course

For a 1 day course (8 hours – fast pace) the price is 250 Euro.

The price for 1 on 1 and 2 full days is 450 Euro. There is also a group course that has a lower price.

* Group Course

150 Euro is the price for a team group course. Group courses are made for smaller team groups from 3-6 people participating in the course.

* Reservation

To reserve your spot, half of the price is deposited. If by any chance for some reason you are prevented to attend the scheduled date, another date will be provided.

What people
say about me

When I started photography I thought all can be done with online courses everyone offers nowadays. This is different because it is LIVE and I wouldn't have succeed this much and become full time wedding photographer if it wasn't for Nikola and his expertise that helped me along the way! We are great friends now!
Nikola and I met when I was just starting. He literally took my camera and showed me everything I needed to know to start my own photography life! I own a photography business now and I send all my employees to Nikola's course. We know each other for years now and we also worked together on many projects! I would suggest eveyone to take the course!
He is a person to count on. The course is PERFECT! Nikola showed me everything it is to know about photography and videography! He continued to follow my work for months after the completed course and now I am proud to say I became one of his assistants! I am always learning more from Nikola and hope you will join us too!
I met Nikola on Stage32 more than 8 years ago. I sent him a message and we started immediately communicating. He was a great help in mentoring me and helping me become better at my photography and videography skills. I even met him in person 2 years ago! We had a really fun time and I am really grateful to have stumbled upon him! I guarantee for his knowledge and value!
There is nothing much to say about this course except it is THE best experience for someone who loves photography and video! There is a lot of information out there but no one is like Nikola. He shares all his knowledge and isn't hiding anything like you can find in some courses. He shares all traits of the business. He is down to the point, showering you with facts. Thank you Nikola!
My team is working with Nikola for years and all we can say is that this guy is awesome. We have worked on several projects and he was always reliable and hardworking. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that wants high-quality work and fast and notable services.


Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions. I am not sending automatic spam emails or something similar. You will be directly in contact with me. 
You can also send me a DM on Instagram @nnspark_photography